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When employers plan to recruit for more than one position, they can resort to the elimination method through group work, either by themselves or through assessment centres. In such job interviews, 8 or 10 candidates are bunched up together and group work is organised on the subject that requires a solution. The hiring administrators observe how each candidate works within the group and evaluates the candidates’ skills in teamwork, problem solving, leadership, enthusiasm, determination and commercial awareness. In this context, this learning unit includes the commonly used group interview techniques and the points to be considered in order to be successful in them.


  • The teacher explains what group work is by following the theory presented ion the presentation and; invites students to brainstorm on a team/group role working together.
  • As a follow up activity, students are invited to create a story together in a group from a set of images. Every participant is handed out one image without showing it to the others and is invited to study all its details. Then every participant needs to describe their own image or demonstrate it through actions. Based on all the descriptions, the whole group should come up with a story and a logic sequence of images. Every participant should place the images on the table according to the story and face down. Then turn the images over and check if the story makes senses with the images in this order. If they are any mistakes, let the group correct the order and go through the story again.
  • Note: Dixit cards can be used or you should create your own images from sequenced ones that tell a story. The important point is each image should take place on one paper.
  • Debrief and discuss further:
    – What difficulties did your team experience?
    – What did your team do well when you discussed the sequence of images?
    – Is there anything that frustrated you?
    – Did everyone agree with the sequence?
    – How well did you work as a team?


1 hour


Presentation, group exercise, discussion

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