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Interview training

This activity includes 3 people (students) one as an interviewed to answer the questions, one as an interviewer to ask with written questions, one as an evaluating person for the job interview with a check- list.

Students are asked in turn to play a different role in order to acquire a greater awareness of the different phases of the job interview. By acting out the situations proposed in the video one learns for example how to present oneself in the best possible way, how to overcome objections etc.

Part 1:

This worksheet is for the interviewer and includes the possible questions during the job interview.

The interviewer is responsible for asking the questions below formally and the interviewee is responsible to answer the questions below properly.

The evaluator is responsible to control the interviewee and score him/her during the interview.

This worksheet is for him/her and includes a checklist which gives feedback to the interviewee.

Part 2: Watching the videos 4 and 5

Part 3:

After watching videos 4 and 5, students take the same roles. The interviewee
repeats the exercise and tries to answer appropriately and correct the potential mistakes to improve her/himself. The interviewee is invited to find inspiration in the answers given below in the chart.

After listening carefully, the evaluator gives feedback about the interviewee’s answers, with attention to body language, context, coherence etc. The evaluator indicates the difference between the respondent’s pre- and post-interview answers and fills in the table. In this way, students can monitor their progress during the activity.

Final feedback session:

Once you have completed this activity, discuss with your students what they’ve learned.

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