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Content development with VR

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The era of Virtual Reality is flourishing. It is important that we are not only users of the changing technology’s products, but also creators and designers in this field. Contrary to popular belief, content development with Virtual Reality, creating environments and characters and bringing them to virtual life can be simple and free with CoSpaces Edu. This learning unit focuses on how to develop content simply and includes a Prezi video for content development with VR.


Students are wanted to watch the Prezi video to know how to develop content and create new worlds with VR: ‘’CONTENT DEVELOPMENT WITH VR’’

Students give feedback and discuss the topic with their classmates and the teacher.

Students go onto the website or download CoSpaces Edu to their mobile device and register. Then confirm their e-mail address and get started.


Students create their own three-dimensional environment on their desktop or mobile devices.


40 minutes


Prezi video and website

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