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Virtual reality (VR) is an exciting new medium with broad applications in entertainment, marketing, design, and more. There are lots of applications and websites that can be used to design with VR in various categories and with various objectives. This learning unit includes a video about designing with VR.


1. The students watch the informative video after the teacher gives background information of the video: ‘’DESIGNING WITH VR’’
2. Students share their ideas about the video.
3. (Design Your Own Sneakers). The sports textile manufacturer Nike allows people to design their own sneakers online, on its official website under the heading of “Nike by You”. Students are requested to design their own sneakers and share it with their peers. They can change shape, colour etc. After designing their own sneakers, students share their stylings with friends by showing them.”

  1. https://www.nike.com/tr/w/nike-by-you-ayakkabilar-6ealhzy7ok
  2. https://www.nike.com/it/w/nike-by-you-6ealh
  3. https://www.nike.com/de/w/nike-by-you-6ealh
  4. https://www.nike.com/gb/w/nike-by-you-shoes-6ealhzy7ok

Info: Location must be chosen in the bottom of the homepage for different languages for original website. So, you should change the location to view the page in related language. Or you can click right “translate” and choose a language.

4. Collective discussion/brainstorming about the results.


40 minutes


Video and website

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